Foils for technical applications

If you need something special - for your production of films for special technical or electronic applications we offer the right solution.

With the development of new films, the number of different applications with various demands on the slitting and winding technology is constantly increasing. KAMPF offers application-oriented solutions based on proven technologies. These include slitting machines for processing the thinnest capacitor films or slitting and winding machines for the narrowest strips less than 1 mm wide. With a creative development and the possibilities of our Technikum we are able to react quickly and flexibly to your new technical challenges.

Spooling! Why not?


Special slitting and spooling machines for small slitting width and long running length that are suitable for adhesive or non-adhesive materials. KAMPF spooling machines are ergonomic and operator friendly. The drive technology is tailored to the customer’s requirements and guarantees optimum slitting, winding, and spooling quality.

The design of the unwind, the slitting machine and the spooling frame is modular. This allows an unlimited number of spooling heads to be added in the future.

The spooling geometry can freely be modified because each spooling head has its own electric drive with dancer control. (E. g. conical, cylindrical, without overlap, distance to the core edge, etc.).

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Technical Data TechSlitter Spooling Machine

 Spooling Machine
Material:PP, PE and PET, metalised PET, refined paper, nonwovens, etc.
Material thickness:10 µm - 500 µm
Material width:max. 1,750 mm
Parent roll diameter:max. 800 mm
Finished roll diameter:max. 1,200 mm
Slitting system:Razor blade cut, shear cut, crush cut
Slitting width:≥ 0,5 mm
Winding cores:3"
Machine speed:max. 450 m/min

For narrow cuts, thinnest films and numerous applications

The KAMPF Microslitter slits a wide variety of films perfectly to narrow widths. The technological features of this special machine make it possible for you to fully meet product specifications. The comprehensive performance spectrum ranges from conventional converting applications to the processing of new materials used in modern technologies. This results in products of the highest quality with minimum manufacturing tolerances.

The Microslitter impresses with its stable machine concept, compact design, excellent roll arrangement for special material paths and state-of-the-art drive and slitting technology. The modular structure provides an individual design for your application.

  • Metallized films
  • Ultra thin metallized films
  • Converting applications
  • BSF applications

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Technical Data MicroSlitter Line

 Thin metallized films Thin films e.g. made of BOPP, BOPETConverting applications BSF applicationsUltra thin metallized films BOPP, BOPET
Material thickness:1.6 µm - 16 µm10 µm - 250 µm1.4 - 4 µm
Material width:max. 1,000 mmmax. 1,300 mmmax. 650 mm
Parent roll diameter:max. 600 mmmax. 800 mm600 mm
Finished roll diameter:max. 350 mmmax. 350 mmmax. 350 mm
Slitting system:Blade cut, wave cutBlade cut, scissors cutblade cut, wave cut
Slitting width:> 4.5 mm straight cut≥ 4,5 mm blade cut> 4.5 mm
 > 9 mm wave cut≥ 5 scissors cut 
Machine speed:max. 700 m/minmax. 500 m/minmax. 700 m/min

KAMPF Winder

We also offer you the right winder for your application. Our specialists use their well-founded specialist knowledge and many years of experience to offer you the appropriate winding concept. KAMPF automation solutions round off the winders perfectly.

PrimeWinder Silver Line CTRO

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A step ahead for Lithium Ion Batteries

The new generation for Battery Separator Film processing. Customized, solution-oriented, focused on quality and future viability.

KAMPF offers a selected range of Battery Separator Film production equipment to satisfy the increasing demands of the highly innovative Lithium Ion Battery manufacturing industries.

Highly reliable Non-Stop Winders, high efficient Primary and Secondary Slitters are producing on high quality standards all around the world and are the benchmark for success.

Together with our strong network of industry partners, research facilities and process engineering competence we support the fast development of this demanding business.

The KAMPF in-house technology center with individual machine arrangements offers professional material test runs.

Your requirement:

You are producing high valuable Battery Separator Films for the LIB production for a highly promising emerging and competitive market.

You need to increase your production throughput, roll quality as well as your production yield.

The solution:

KAMPF´s new generation of BSF slitters has been especially designed to significantly improve the comprehensive processing and security aspects of this complex key component of the LIBs

Your benefit:

KAMPF uses its more than 10 years of expertise in slitting and winding of all types of Battery Separator Films to develop world's most efficient, productive and compact primary slitter.

  • Remarkable compactness and ultra-short overall web path
  • Optimum web handling and latest digital tension control
  • Latest slitting technologies considering highest quality aspects
  • Advanced web control for every individual finished roll (Geometry/Tension / Nip / Torque)
  • Smart design details for cleanest and most hygienic production conditions


Technical Data BSF Slitter

 BSF Slitter
Material:BSF- Battery Separator Film (WET - processed PE)
Material thickness:5 - 20µm
Material width:3.500 - 6.000mm
Parent roll diameter:Max. 700mm
Finished roll diameter:Max. 450mm
Finished roll weight:Max. 50kg
Slitting system:Scissor cut, blade cut
Slitting width:350 - 1.200mm
Winding cores:6"-, 8", 10" I.D.
Machine speed:Max. 200m/min


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