Slitter and Winder for Battery Separator Film

Kampf offers a selected range of Battery Separator Film production equipment to meet the increasing demands of highly innovative Lithium Ion Battery manufacturers.

Highly reliable non-stop winders, as well as highly efficient primary slitting machines are producing to the highest quality standards worldwide being the benchmark for success.

As BSF Converting Line, consisting of winder, primary slitter and an automatic roll and core handling system, this automatic winding and slitting cell combines all the advantages of the individual components into one continuous process.

BSF Converting Line

Increased output through full automation. 

Integrated converting line with winder, roll and core handling as well as slitter. Highest productivity through optimized cycle times. Operator free roll handling guarantees best productivity.This BSF Converting Line includes a complete safety concept together with an advanced continuous warehouse concept between winder and slitter.


  • Automatic unloading of mill rolls
  • Auto loading of winding cores

BSF Mill roll- and core handling

  • Automatic storage and handling of empty winding cores between BSF Slitter and BSF Winder
  • Automatic storage and handling of mill rolls between BSF Winder and BSF Slitter


  • Automatic loading of mill rolls into the BSFSlitter
  • Automatic unloading of empty winding cores from the BSFSlitter


Customized, solution-oriented, focused on quality and future viability.

Maximum performance and modularity.

We combine strong core features to guarantee the required maximum performance with new, smart and exciting solutions. Following the optimum characteristics of the production line, the BSFSlitter will be configured tailored to your film specifications to achieve the highest output.

  • Remarkable compactness and ultra-short overall web path
  • Optimum web handling and latest digital tension control
  • Latest slitting technologies considering highest quality aspects
  • Advanced web control for every individual finished roll (Geometry, Tension, Nip, Torque)
  • Smart design details for cleanest and hygienic production

Production flexibility

  • The unwinder offers many opportunities for individual parent roll handling
  • Prepared for the integration of various web inspection units
  • Fully driven shear cut option
  • Blade cut option
  • Edge trim winding or suction possibilities

Optimum web control

  • Proven edge guiding and film oscillation
  • Uncompromising ultrasensitive tension compensation roller
  • Advanced digital
  • 4 tension sections
  • Controlled and consequent individual driven rollers
  • Wide range of adaptable web spreading technologies
  • Specialized rewind section for precise and sensitive web control


The non-stop turret winder for Battery Separator Film production lines

Kampf’s new generation of BSFWinder are especially designed to significantly improve the comprehensive processing and safety aspects of the complex key components inside Lithium-Ion Batteries.

The BSFWinder stands for optimum quality rolls for the following slitting process at minimum waste and sets new standards in reliability and winding quality.

Capability. A definite strength of the BSFWinder

  • Optimal web transfer from previous stretching line
  • Special web spreading system for even transvers tension
  • Most sensitive tension control
  • High efficiency of winding quality and quantity
  • Newest cross cut technology – tension and wrinkle-free

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