From the early days on, Kampf has been world leader in innovation and technology in the markets served, i.e. BOPP and BOPET film manufacturing, converting of paper, plastic film and laminates, imaging, and aluminum foils.

Global leaders in these industries continue to count on Kampf to provide them with cutting edge technology to improve performance of products and to increase productivity and profitability. As partner in global alliances with major customers, Kampf is used to work side by side with customers to ensure continuous improvement of equipment supplied and guarantee customer satisfaction.


Kampf Maschinenfabrik was founded by Mr. Erwin Kampf in 1920 to manufacture slitting and winding machines for paper. Erwin Kampf showed an interest in plastic sheets early on and thanks to his vision, Kampf Maschinenfabrik became world leader in slitting and winding of plastic materials during the early stages of this developing industry.

Before World War II, the export share of Kampf Maschinenfabrik's production already accounted for 40%. In 1959 a subsidiary 'Dohrer Maschinenbau GmbH' was established near Cochem at the river Mosel.

The first overseas presence was the foundation of 'Kampf Machinery Corporation' in Nashville, TN in 1981.

The Kampf family acquired 'Stahlkontor Maschinenbau GmbH', a manufacturer of winders in Hameln, Germany in 1986. 

Stahlkontor was integrated into Kampf Maschinenfabrik in 1997.

Jagenberg Group

Jagenberg AG acquired the Kampf Group of companies in 1988. Kampf Machinery Corporation was moved from Nashville, TN to Enfield, CT, the home of Jagenberg Inc.

In 1995 and was integrated into Jagenberg Inc as the 'Kampf Machinery Division' in 1997. Since then Kampf Machinery Corporation has again relocated to new facilities in Windsor, CT.