TechSlitter CHRO

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The slitting and winding of ultra-thin, net aluminium foil in hard, soft or battery foil quality for aluminium or copper is one of the most demanding and challenging tasks in the foil manufacturing process.

The especially for aluminiumand copper foil developed Kampf TechSlitter, with the patented rewind system and special arrangements to detect the foil quality, meats all necessary requirements and is the perfect machine for this process of manufacturing aluminium and copper foil.

Due to the modular Design, the TechSlitter can be costumized to meet all quality requirements of customers. The TechSlitter offers the integration of various inspection systems, such as pinhole detection and surface inspection, as well as surface cleaning systems.

The newly developed slitting system for the TechSlitter is perfectly adapted to the very highest quality requirements for the slitting edge especially for aluminium- and copper battery foil. The TechSlitter is the logical evolutino of the well proven Kampf slitting machines for net aluminium-foil, on a proven modern platform.

In addition, the TechSlitter offers due to its modular design a wide range of various options for processing aluminium- and copper battery foil. 

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Technical Data Foil slitting

Material thickness: aluminium-foil 5 - 50 µm, aluminium-foil for battery 9 - 16 µm, copper foil for battery 9 - 16 µm
Material width: up to 1,750 mm
Design speed: max. 800 m/min
Parent roll diameter: max. 2,000 / 1,000 mm
Finished roll diameter: max. 850 mm
Slit width: > 40 mm
Slitting system: Driven burst cut / scissor cut / razor cut

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